Wild caught on pristine coastlines.


Located on the remote and rugged northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada, Carmanville is a robust harbour community with a rich fishing history. It is here, that the exceptionally cold, clean North Atlantic water produces the unique, succulent lobster served in so many of the world’s finest restaurants. In this pristine environment, far removed from industrial hazards, sea life thrives. And it is only here – in one of the world’s healthiest ocean habitats – that the premium Newfoundland Wild Lobster is found.

Expertise cultivated through generations.


Eastern Fish Markets was founded by Wayne Wheaton. Wayne has long known that Newfoundland lobsters are the superior animal to its Atlantic Canadian cousin. For three decades he has devoted his energy to this pursuit of excellence. The result of which is Newfoundland Wild Lobster. Producing the most delicious seafood the world has to offer is not only a matter of personal pride, but also a commitment to his community minded philosophy. Values of premium quality, respect for the community, and respect for the animal are upheld by everyone associated with the Newfoundland Wild Lobster product. Each lobster is handpicked to ensure optimal taste and quality – every time. From the sea to your table, the Newfoundland Wild name is your guarantee that you’re serving the world’s finest lobster.

Technology informed by biology.


Producing a lobster this good takes genuine expertise. It starts with procuring the best of the day’s catch from local fishermen. Next, each lobster is individually examined for quality and placed in a state-of-the-art holding facility. Here, continuously circulating, filtered seawater provides the ideal environment. An intricate understanding of lobster biology – along with a respect and care for the species and its environment – are essential. Carefully controlled cold water temperatures, blood testing and continual monitoring assure optimized levels of salt and oxygen to guarantee the highest processing standards. The result is a strong, healthy, high protein lobster that truly surpasses all others in taste and quality.

Other species available in season

Eastern Fish Markets is proud to produce a variety of other seafood species – all with the same care and commitment to quality for which our premium lobster is known. Our products, in season, include: Rock Crab, Toad Crab, Capelin, Mackerel,  Herring, Squid, Atlantic Groundfish, Eel, Snow Crab and Halibut.